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Lemon Berry Studio is a place for all those that would like to paint and find their own creativity in fun. Our events are dedicated to all that are looking for something new, fun, relaxing, regardless of the painting skills and experiences. In short, our events are inviting all anti-talents. After you choose the theme, day and/or location in our Calendar, and once you book the term, we are waiting for you with prepared canvas (with theme template), easels, brushes, paints, aprons, drinks and fun. After 2 to 3 hours and under the supervision of the instructor you will have your own “masterpiece” to take home. Hang it proudly on the wall or take as a gift. Events are for individuals and groups, companies and organizations, events organizers. They are organized in our Studio or other location depending on the event.

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Loyality program for frequent customers - For all those joining us more than three times, first next event will be free of charge.
Give the gift od fun, relaxation and creativity! Lemon Berry Studio GIFT CERTIFICATE is perfect gift for everyone and for all occasions. Contact us by phone or e-mail.

BASIC program is open for adults above 18. • Check our Calendar, choose theme/painting you like, date or location. • Invite your friends, have a drink, let instructor lead you in step-by-step painting. At the end you will hold your own “masterpiece”. However, if your creativity is beyond limits, go ahead, release it and paint whatever is on your mind. We want you to have fun! BASIC program represents events opened to everyone as well as Theme events such as Singles Party, My pet, Artist night. Price: 2.500 RSD per person. Price for two or more booking together is 2.000 RSD per person.
SPECIAL program includes several theme events: • Couples painting - Event dedicated to couples and their bonding through unique and creative way; • Parent & Kid - Event dedicated to parents and kids that provides opportunity to parents to spend time with their kids through totally new, quality and creative way; • Private Party - Events dedicated to anniversaries, fundraising nights, bachelorette party, … For these events we can come to location at your preference and to make arrangements related to the event organization including the theme that will be painted. Price (Couples painting and Private Party): 2.000 RSD per person. Price (Parent & Kid): 2.000 RSD per person for parent and 1.000 RSD for one kid.
CORPORATE program is dedicated to companies and their employees bonding. Make your corporate outing or team building different and unique. With drinks and music, each individual will create own masterpiece that can stand on its own or be a part of the big painting puzzle that can hang on the walls of you company. For groups up to 10 participants events are organized in our Studio or we can organize them at any other location of your preference.


Gordana and Marina met while searching for information and knowledge that would help them in improving already started own entrepreneur initiatives.

Gordana Nikolić
Gordana Nikolić


Gordana, after many years spent in the corporate world at home and abroad, and life full of numbers, made a decision to sail into the world of entrepreneurship with intention to achieve new success in the world of creativity. Cherishing wonderful moments spent in one of Paint & Drink studios in USA, she realized her plans of bringing it to Belgrade and Serbia.

    Marina Vasić
    Marina Vasić


    Marina is an artist with MBA in Art & Media theory. She creates works of arts, crafts and jewelry. She is also active in the world of graphic design. In addition to all of her creativity she wanted to go further and dive into entrepreneurship adventure.

      During one of their mind-storming meetings, a magical moment of knowledge, skills and wishes fusion happened.

      Lemon Berry Studio was born! Place of creative fun!



      Andrićev venac br. 4 Belgrade, Serbia
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